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Content marketing and video marketing are becoming synonymous in today’s day and age. Unfortunately, some marketers like me do not have a natural flair for video creation.

Not everyone can make professional-looking videos with ease.

However, I realised that video content marketing is more about how you make the best of the skills and tools you already have.

Editing and hosting videos are not as difficult as they used to be. There are a bunch of video tools you can use to create impressive short videos for any business or project.

While looking for an effective and easy-to-use video maker, I came across Wave.video.

Today I’ll share my experience of Wave.video with you, keep reading.

What is Wave.video?

Wave.video home page

Wave.video is best described as a video marketing platform. It is important to understand that it does not have all the features and tools you would need for editing a movie or an artistic video.

It’s not even the purpose of this platform.

What it does better than most other platforms is giving you all video marketing tools in one place. It has a great online editing toolkit, cloud-based video hosting services, and a landing page builder.

Wave.video will have a tremendous impact on your workflow, as it had on mine. The ease of not needing to find a separate tool for every step of video creation and marketing is a blessing.

No matter what platform you use – emails, blogs, social media or websites – you can get all your video creation work done here.

Key features and how they help you


I am totally impressed by the sheer number of video templates available on Wave.video. You will find a video template for every platform, purpose, and occasion. Let’s have a look at the YouTube video templates to better understand the range of options.

Wave.Video youtube templates

As you can see, there are so many options available. For me, having a predesigned template for a specific type of videos is of great help.

The screenshot only shows the first 8 templates. Under YouTube templates alone, there are more than 200 video templates!

If you are learning how to make YouTube videos or getting started with a new one, these templates will be very helpful. I often find myself confused with any video creation process.

A template gives a solid framework from where you can work on your video.

Apart from YouTube video templates, you also get templates for Facebook, Instagram, and stories. Seasoned video creators and marketers know that every platform demands something different.

Wave.video does not restrict itself to video templates for different platforms. You also get video templates for a wide range of projects and businesses.

Let’s have a look at their ad video templates to see how it works.

Wave.Video ad templates

As you can see, it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are industry and case-specific templates for almost any niche you can think of. In my opinion, the video template feature of Wave.video is amazing.

Online video editing

Sometimes content marketers are afraid to venture into video editing. I have been guilty of it myself.

However, Wave.video makes things very simple for non-experts. Their video editing resources have over 20 tools. Most of these are basic, everyday needs like trimming and merging videos. Below I have listed some of the top features of Wave.video’s online video editor.

  • Mix-and-match media
  • Instant format resizer
  • Intuitive clip adjustment
  • Video transitions
  • Built-in voice over
  • Logo animation
  • Advanced text editor and effects

There is much more to their video editor, but these are the features I have loved using the most. It is safe to say that for any basic to moderate video editing project, Wave.video will suffice with ease.

However, it is not an advanced video editing tool. Its functionalities are limited. But whatever they have works pretty well.

Wave.Video dashboard

I also love their no-fuss approach. The video editor won’t scare you with dozens of technical terms and premium options. You can upload a video with a single click and start editing.

It is simple, quick, effective, and gets the work done. That is pretty much all I need presently from a video editor, and Wave.video has become one of my tools of choice

Audio editing

Video and audio go hand in hand. I would have been rather surprised if Wave.video did not incorporate an audio editor in their system. As with the video editor, their audio editor is also simple and no-fuss. These are the tools you get with their audio editor:

  • Video subtitler
  • Add music to video
  • Video voiceover
  • Automatic captions
  • Convert video to mp3
  • Text to speech
  • Royalty-free music
  • Mute videos
  • Add audiograms & waveforms

I love the audio editor for the same reasons I love its video editor. It works on the cloud and is not resource-intensive.

You can also use artificial intelligence-powered tools for automatic captioning and to generate voice messages from text.

For people who are just starting out with video creation, managing audio can become a huge deal. Wave.video makes the work very easy.

As with the video editor, do not expect studio-level editing here. The tool is not meant for singers, orchestras or recording studios. Nonetheless, it will do a great job with all types of social media and promotional videos.

For marketing videos and ads, audio often plays a role as important as video. While many people devote time to learn video editing, they often miss out on the audio part.

For them, Wave.video’s tool can be a great option. And for people like me who are not professionally skilled with audio and video editing, it is a complete gamechanger.

All the tools in Wave.video work in tandem with each other. That is why I feel a drastic boost in my workflow ever since using Wave.video.

Video marketing tools

The problem with most video creation and editing tools is that they do not have a good enough video marketing feature. Not with Wave.video. I started using the platform primarily for its video marketing tools.

Personally, this platform would have been incomplete without a successful integration with social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Social media video maker – Social media is the top platform for boosting sales and reach now. It is safe to say that it has surpassed traditional promotional mediums. Wave.video’s social media video maker makes video creation for Facebook, Instagram etc. very easy.

Video marketing platform – Video marketing platforms are the future of business. What I love about Wave.video’s marketing platforms is the seamless integration with the top eCommerce, entertainment, and social media platforms. With these integrations, you can publish your videos directly to the respective platforms.

Wave.video has one of the most impressive collections of video marketing tools out there. Below is all its features and tools:

  • Promo video maker
  • Facebook cover video
  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram videos
  • Instagram story maker
  • Social Content Calendar
  • Video maker for agencies
  • Send videos via email
  • Video landing page creator
  • Real estate video maker
  • Video for bloggers
  • Video maker for small business
  • Convert text to video
  • Video ad maker
  • Add watermark to video
  • Add text to video

As you can see, the list covers almost every niche. Whether you are a promoter or owner of a small business, Wave.video has the tools you need.

Now, let’s have a look at how well these features work. I will take the promo video maker to show you how to get things done in Wave.video.

  1. First, you have to select a template from the template section I talked about earlier
  2. Alternatively, you can use stock videos, which are also available in Wave.video’s library
  3. Then use the various video editing tools that I talked about earlier to give a personal touch to your video
  4. Lastly, you can either download the video to your computer or upload it to the cloud.

It is really as simple as that. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the different video marketing tools in Wave.video.

Wave.Video editor

Video landing page generator – I have loved the idea of having a separate landing page for a video. In my years of experience as a content marketer, I have seen the pros of having one. Wave.video makes the process very simple. It is one feature I encourage more and more people to use.

  • With Wave.video, you can share videos through a direct link. You can send this link to anyone over any digital medium in seconds.
  • The hard work you put in a video gets justice only when it has a separate landing page. This way, your visitors will not see any annoying ads.
  • You can include a call-to-action button to boost traffic and reach exponentially. Wave.video even lets you integrate it with Google Analytics so that you know how your video performs.
  • The video player in Wave.video is quite customisable. You can change the way your video appears to the visitors, including colours, thumbnails etc.

Every video hosted on this platfrom gets a stylish landing page with all essential elements on it by default. This one feature solves so many of the problems that we video marketers face on a regular basis.

Video hosting tools

Wave.Video hosting

Video marketing and video hosting are the two most important factors for the growth of your business. As I said earlier, I love Wave.video not for its plethora of features, but for its ability to give me everything I need in one place.

I have always been thrilled at the idea of having a tool where you can conceive your video, create, edit, and distribute it. The video hosting tools complete the sequence for Wave.video.

Here are the video hosting tools of Wave.video:

  • Free video hosting (actually included in what you pay for)
  • Video embeds
  • Video landing page creator
  • Video in email
  • Password protect your video
  • Branded video player

Video embedding

While social media platforms do give you the chance to host your videos for free, your visitors see more ads than your content.

From a business perspective, video embedding is among the best features you can get from a video marketing platform.

On top of that, you get to host your video with a dedicated landing page. There is so much you can do with these features for boosting your business.

With a creator profile, you get 20 free video embeds. A business profile gives you 200 free video embeds. If you need more, you can buy additional video embeds.

Password-protected videos

Password protecting your videos is a great way to increase your reach and potential customer base. If you are a content creator, you can put your best work behind a password.

People who want to see your content can send you their email address and you send them the password to your video.

Through this simple method, you can increase your reach manyfold. I know of successful video marketers who regularly use this feature. In my opinion, this is something that everyone should try to see if it aligns with their goals.

Video in email

I am not a huge fan of receiving emails. I have always felt that emails are inherently boring. The only way you can make them somewhat interesting is by embedding videos.

Wave.video allows you to do that seamlessly. It will have a great effect on your conversion and open rate.

Video player

Wave.Video player

Wave.video has an amazing video player. I like the way it works – fast and simple. It is also capable of delivering top-notch video quality.

I have actually found it be better than many popular video players we use on a daily basis. As a video creator, you also get the chance to customise it, as mentioned earlier.

The video player is surely one of the reasons behind sticking to Wave.video for various projects.


If you want to grow your business or sell your ideas effectively, video marketing is non-negotiable.

However, many of us are apprehensive to get things done ourselves if we do not feel competent with the tools and software.

I have felt the same in the past.

But with tools like Wave.video, even a newbie can make impressive video content. In case you need help with it, Wave.video has a bunch of resources for you to get help from.

Content calendar

The content calendar has to be my favourite resource of all the platform has to offer.

Wave.Video content calendar

For any business, staying updated about the coming events is a necessity. You can plan your promos and content accordingly. You can even do something specifically for that event or festival. It is also proven that people will engage with such content more.

However, it is very common for us marketers to miss out on some important occasion. Sometimes we wouldn’t even know about it until it’s over. That’s why I feel that the content calendar is a blessing for people like me.

The content calendar does not only remind people of dates and events. It also comes with a corresponding template.

If you heavily rely on social media for reach and engagement, you should give this feature a try. In social media, trends matter a lot. The content calendar from Wave.video will make sure that you keep up with the trends.

Video marketing blog

Wave.video has a great blog. It is full of informative articles, podcasts, and videos. The quality of the content is also top-notch. I strongly recommend going through it if you need inspiration or help on a certain topic. I frequently check their blog to learn and discover new things.

Apart from these two (my favorites), these are the other resources available:

  • Facebook community
  • Video tutorials

These resources are of great help to beginners. Even experienced users can get help from these when stuck on a certain task or project.

What I feel about Wave.Video

I genuinely like the Wave.video has managed to put all the necessary tools in one place. What I like the most, as I said earlier, is the fact that all of these tools, resources, templates etc. are available at a single subscription.

Is it perfect? Obviously not. It does have a few problems now and then. It does not have professional-level video or audio editing functionalities. You may not even find all the resources you need in the resource centre or tutorials.

Would I recommend it to you? 100%. It is, without a doubt, one of the most efficient video marketing tools out there. I particularly love the video hosting and video marketing tools.

The tools give you everything you need to be successful in video marketing. The platform is intuitive and learning to use the different features is very easy.

With a little time and practice, you can master every feature the service has to offer.

I would say that you should try it out for yourself. Even if you don’t end up using it for the long term (which I feel you would), you will learn a lot about video marketing from this online service.

However, I’m currently using another video editing tool that has slightly lesser features than Wave.video, but is catching up soon. Continue reading to find out more.


Wave.video has a free version that can be used by anyone at any time for no fee. There are no ifs and buts here. The free version comes with limited functionalities, but there is no hidden charge or anything like that.

For maximum productivity, I would recommend a paid plan. You will be missing out on too many important features with the free plan. In the paid plans, there are two options: Creator and Business. You can choose according to your needs.

Wave.Video pricing

I would say that for a small business, the Creator plan would be more than enough in the beginning.

However, if you want to get the most out of this platform, go for the Business plan. I think of it as an investment with a higher ROI.

With the Free plan, you can get acquainted with the interface and see if it suits your workflow.

What others feel about Wave.video

I am not the only one talking about Wave.video. As far as I can see, all my peers and different users from different parts of the world love it.

At G2.com, Wave.video got 45 ratings, 35 of which were 5 stars. Users rated it a 9/10 in ease of use and 10/10 in ease of setting up.

Wave.Video g2 review

At Capterra.com, it is rated 4.6 out of 5. They have also highlighted the ease of use and rated Wave.video highly in that segment.

Wave.Video capterra review

Sociallysorted.com has also reviewed the features of the platfrom in detail. Their experience is pretty much like mine. While we both recognise that the tool is not perfect, we also understand how it is better than many (or most) others.

SaaSworthy.com has rated Wave.video at 91%. Considering their strict standards, this is a very impressive score. You can see below how many people have reviewed Wave.video positively in the SaaSworthy reviews.

Wave.Video saasworthy review

Accurate Reviews has given Wave.video a score of 88%. Apart from pricing, all other segments scored a 9/10.

Wave.Video accurate review


If you are getting started with content marketing and need a framework, nothing can be better than Wave.video. Even if you are experienced in video marketing, you can give it a try to see how you like it.

Overall, it is a tool that I would recommend to anyone looking for an all-in-one video content marketing solution.

However, the pricing for Wave.video is on the pricey side with $39 on the Creator plan billed yearly. For businesses or content creators starting out, this can be a huge blow on their finances, especially if there’s no proof of concept.

Alternative, you can check out another video marketing tool I’m using. It doesn’t have much features as compared to Wave.video, but it’s constantly developing and will catch up soon.

Most importantly, its pricing is much lower and you can pay monthly. Here’s my review of FlexClip.

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