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Are you a business in Singapore looking to start content marketing?
I work with a team of university students who can provide you with content writing services for your blog!

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What Types of Content Writing Do You Provide?

Currently, the type of content writing I provide are SEO articles. These articles are optimised for search engines based on many of the on-page factors. With the articles I write for you, you can post this on your blog to get more leads and sales.

As I mostly do SEO, I believe that blogging plays a big part in growing your website traffic. Previously, I only offered this as a service to businesses who engaged me for SEO. However, there were many requests for just blog articles. Thus, I am opening up my team of SEO writers to a selected few businesses so that you can benefit from our expertise.

Why Should You Start Content Marketing?

Content marketing has been proven by many big brands to generate high-quality leads and more sales. Why? Because you as a business showcase your expertise to potential customers. Customers are attracted to businesses that know what they’re talking about.  Sure, you may be the best in your industry, but without blogging, do you think your customers know that?

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few top reasons why content writing should be your top choice. 

Cost Effective

Blogging is a cost-effective marketing strategy to get new leads and sales. Unlike many other marketing communication tools you can use, blogging is usually a one-time investment. You don't have to continuously pay for ads just to get new customers.

Get Noticed

With your blog, your marketing efforts are made simpler. You don't have to keep worrying about what post you need to schedule next. Once you have content that displays your expertise, you can repurpose them into "microcontent" as social media posts.

Dominate Competitors

Blogging allows you to dominate competitors. You increase your chances of being found on Google and social media, leaving your competitors in the dust. With this, customer touchpoints are increased while customer acquisition costs reduce.

High Conversions

To save money, customers are looking for ways to DIY. But when they realise it's too hard, they come to the expert who's showcasing their expertise - YOU. Continuous engagements through blogging with your readers nurture them to trust you more, converting them into paying customers.

Content Writing Services Singapore

Why Outsource Your Content Writing?

It’s in your best interest to outsource content writing as it is cost-efficient. As a business, you either wanna increase sales or reduce costs. When you outsource, you don’t have to search for writers, hire them, and train them. Looking & training writers to suit your company’s brand can be tough. Let’s not forget the staff benefits you are obliged to provide them as well.

Sure the blog articles will increase your sales, but you’re also increasing costs! What matters more to you – your revenue or profits?

Why You Should Outsource Your Blog Writing To Me

When you outsource to my team of university writers and I, you’re not getting just any blog articles. You’re getting blog articles that are optimised for search engines. What does this mean? This means that the articles we write for you have higher chances of getting to the first page of Google. Being on the first page of Google gets you more website traffic, more leads, and eventually more sales. Who wants to spend money on blogs that get no readership anyway?

Blog Writing Services

If you’ve decided that blogging is the best option for you, I provide comprehensive content and blog writing services. From doing content audits to writing the articles, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll on to find out more about the writing services I provide!

Our Content Writing Offerings

Content Audit

Content Audit

This content audit identifies potential opportunities with your content based on an SEO and a user experience perspective. You will receive a thorough analysis of your website for quality issues that are not only making readers leave, but also understand how you can improve on your content for SEO.

Content Strategy

We do keyword research to identify keywords that your business should go for. We find keywords that your competitors are going for so that you can steal website traffic from them! Once the keywords are identified, we will propose to you a content strategy that you have higher chances to rank for. We will suggest content clusters, pillar pages, and the recommended word count you should go for based on the keyword. Once approved, we move on to the writing phase.

content research

Research Phase

Based on what was proposed, my team of university writers and I will begin researching online for that specific topic. If you have sources or a content brief ready, do share with us. Otherwise, we will write based on what's available online and the search intent of the keyword.

blog writing

Blog Writing

You can expect to get content that is written to engage your readers while optimised for search engines. Our team of writers are trained with on-page SEO and each article is proof-read to ensure content quality and proper optimisation was done. Here's what you can minimally expect - Title tags, meta description, keyword frequency, header tags, URL, H1 tags, synonyms, and LSI optimisation.

We pride ourselves on our internal editing process, but you're the expert. Tell us how we can make the content better and we'll provide up to 1 round of minor edits per article.

Interested in just 1 of the above? Don’t fret, I offer these services separately as well!


Content Audit

$ 197 Per Audit
  • Content quality issues
  • Content engagement tests
  • Content readability tests
  • Content competitor analysis
  • Content originality checks
  • Content merger possibilities
  • Keyword cannibalisation issues
  • SEO optimisation issues
  • User experience issues
  • Audit benchmarking (before)
  • Recommendations for fixes
  • 45 minute call
  • Up to 5 pages, please provide the pages you want the analysis on.

Blog Articles

$ 0.15 Per Word
  • Research based on the topics given
  • Written based on content brief
  • Written based on search intent
  • Title tag optimisation
  • URL optimisation
  • H1 tag optimisation
  • Header tag optimisation
  • Meta description
  • Sufficient keyword frequency
  • Synonyms of main keyword
  • LSI optimisation
  • Proofreading by our strict internal editing process
  • 1 round of minor edits

Other Services

Please Enquire
  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy
  • Content research
  • Other content marketing services needed

Our Past Results

These are a few of the businesses that we have worked with for purely content and blog writing. As a “mini content marketing agency”, we deliver the results that have helped them get more leads and sales. All with just our SEO articles.

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Another business who engaged us (can’t be named due to non-disclosure), started engaging our writing services in June. After proposing a content strategy, we worked on their blog articles immediately. 

Fast forward 6 months later, their organic website traffic tripled and they doubled the amount of leads they’re getting.

benefits of blogging for businesses

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