If You've never tried building tier 2 links as part of your link building strategy, then you're in for a marvelous surprise…

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Here's What You Can Do With Tier 2 Links

Power Up Your Backlinks

Prevent over-optimisation penalties by powering up your current backlinks – all without building additional links to your site.

Boost Domain Authority

Have lots of high DR websites that’s boosting your domain authority? Make your website more authoritative with tier 2 links.

Compete in Competitive Niches

Many SEOs don’t do tiered link building. Build tier 2 links to your backlinks to outrank your competitors in highly competitive niches.

What Can You Build Tier 2 Backlinks To?

Guest Posts

The best way to use tier 2 links is to build them to your high authority guest posts. The website might have a high DR, but your guest post's UR isn't.

Link Inserts

Don't think that your aged link inserts are powerful enough? Send tier 2 links over and it'll look perfectly natural. No problem.

Citations & Social Media Profiles

A natural backlink profile contains links that point to your citations and social media profiles. Make them look natural by building tier 2 links.

Google Business Profiles

Probably the most underrated way to improve your Google Business Profile (previously GMB) rankings. You'll rank higher on the map pack + power up your websites!

Introducing tiered link building – The surefire to get more out of your backlinks without dealing with algorithm and manual penalties!

Dear business owners, SEO teams, and affiliate marketers,

If you’re like most SEOs, then you’re probably building guest posts and link insertions to your websites.

That’s definitely a great solution, especially since many businesses and SEOs don’t even build links to their websites – putting you ahead of the game.

But there’s a huge problem…

and there’s a worst-case scenario – the ever-looming Google penalty that might hit you if you take a step just a bit too far.

You know what I mean, right?

But instead of just building guest posts and link inserts to your website, imagine if you can build more authority to your website at a lower cost and outrank your competitors, all without the same risks as building links directly to your website.

Well, tier 2 link building is the answer.

When you build tier 2 links, you

Here Are 3 Good Reasons Why My Tier 2 Link Building Service Is The Best Way to Boost Your SEO Efforts

Spend Less For More

Tier 2 links costs lesser than Tier 1 links, which means that it costs you less to get more results from your link building efforts.

Reduce Risk of Penalties

You don't build any more links directly to your website. With tier 2 links, you're reducing the chances of getting hit by a penalty.

Get A Bang For Your Buck

You've already built good quality links, why not spend a fraction of what it costs you to squeeze every bit of SEO juice from them?

Here's the SEO Results That I've Achieved For Myself & My Clients

client B link building results international

With my client’s permission, here are the results that I helped obtain for his affiliate website that’s competing on a global scale. Being in a fairly competitive industry, he has to outrank international competitors with bigger budgets. 

He started using my link building services in July 2022 with only 50 to daily users. Building only 3 to 5 guest posts a month to his key money pages.

I also recommended that he increase the page authority of these guest posts by sending tier 2 links to them. On average, each guest post had 3 tier 2 links built, sending more power and authority over to his key money pages.

His website now sees 200 to 250 daily visitors a year later – a 200% to 300% increase in traffic.

Here are the results from a client of mine based in Singapore. He’s in an extremely competitive industry (YMYL), competing against the biggest players in Singapore that are building minimally 20 to 30 links per month. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a big enough budget to build the same velocity of links as his competitors, but I proposed a tailored link building strategy for him. I asked him to identify pages that would bring him the highest ROI for his business in terms of traffic and profit. This is because when these pages rank, we can optimise the conversion to generate a large amount of sales.

Profit margins play a big part as compared to just measuring sales. More funds can be reinvested into link building by prioritising services with higher profit margins. 

Starting with only 2 to 3 links per month in February 2022 with 200 to 250 daily visitors, we gradually increased the link building budget and built an average of 10 links (guest posts and link insertions) monthly. 

I also recommended that he build 3 to 5 tiered links to each of his guest posts that were powering his key money pages.

Just 6 months later, his money pages are in the top 3 positions of Google, bringing in 1,000 to 1,500 daily visitors, a 400% to 500% increase in traffic.

What Others Say

Choose The Tier 2 Link Package That Best Suits Your Needs

Prices are in USD.


$ 199
  • 10 Links
  • Drip Fed: Yes
  • Free 300+ Word Content Each
  • Delivered in: 14 Working Days (Max)


$ 449
  • 25 Links
  • Drip Fed: Yes
  • Free 300+ Word Content Each
  • Delivered in: 21 Working Days (Max)


$ 799
  • 50 Links
  • Drip Fed: Yes
  • Free 300+ Word Content Each
  • Delivered in: 30 Working Days (Max)

Interested in Ranking Higher on Google?
Here's How It Works…

1. Submit A Request

Let us know which plan you’re interested in.

2. Provide Us With Information

Let us know the URLs you want the links to and the anchor text for each link you ordered.

3. Make Payment

Make payment through Paypal or Stripe – the secure way of paying online.

4. Sit Back & Relax

Sit back & relax while letting us do all the hard work of getting your T2 links up.

Order Your Tier 2 Links Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Tier 2 links are backlinks that are built to tier 1 links. Tier 1 links are backlinks that are directly linking to your website.

The purpose of tier 2 links is to build power and authority to your tier 1s. The purpose of tier 1s is to build relevancy and trust to your website. By building tier 2s, you build power, authority, relevancy, and trust to your website.

Unfortunately, no. This service is provided to you via a partner that I have used over the years doing tiered link building. My partner does not disclose the websites he builds these tier 2 links on.

My partner will provide me with a white-labelled report that contains a screenshot of the anchor text built for you. There will be no actual links provided in the reports. This is to prevent others from building spammy tier 3 links to their websites. By keeping these websites private, you will be getting quality tier 2s that are unharmed from spam.


Apart from the report shared, there will be no other way to prove that my partner or I built these links. However, my partner has been in the SEO business since 2008 and his tier 2s have been used and recommended by big names in the industry – that’s why I use them. I’ve also seen great results using their service, which is my way of assuring you that I trust them.

Please do not order this service if you need live URLs.

I’m sorry, I cannot disclose this to you. If it helps, my partner supplies white-labelled tier 2 links to many link building agencies worldwide. They just don’t mention that it’s white-labelled.

Again, I cannot disclose this to you. However, what I can say is that if you’re watching SEO videos on YouTube, a couple of these popular SEO influencers have recommended them.

I highly recommend against using this service as tier 1 links as these are not of tier 1 quality. Doing so puts you at higher risk of a Google penalty. If you require high quality links to be built to your website, check out my link building service here.

They have a team of in-house writers that will create unique content for each of the link you’ve ordered. Do not expect high quality content as you would from a tier 1 link, as tier 2s are meant to provide power and authority.

You can provide 1 URL and 1 anchor text for each link you order.

Every niche is accepted except for the following:

  1. Pharma/viagra/online supplements/CBD
  2. Online gambling/casino
  3. Loans/payday loans
  4. Porn/adult

No, we only accept English anchor texts.

Yes we can. Please contact me for a custom quote.

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