Determining how many backlinks you need doesn’t have to be hard – all you need is my backlink audit to find out EXACTLY what your competitors are doing…

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My Off-Page SEO Backlink Audit Will Help You Find

Number of Links Needed

Find out exactly how many links you need to rank for a keyword for a specific page without triggering a penalty.

Backlink Metrics Needed

A DR 10 link isn’t the same as a DR 60 link. Find out the metrics you’ll need to compete with your biggest competitors.

Exact Anchor Text Ratios

Building links isn’t just about the number of links or DR. You need to use the right anchor texts too.

Who Are My Backlink Audits For?

Local Business Owners & SEO Teams

Are you offering better quality services than your competitors but can't outrank them? Even out the playing field by knowing how many links and the exact metrics needed for you to be competitive.

E-Commerce Businesses

Are websites like Amazon, Shopee, and Lazada outranking your e-commerce websites? Sometimes all it takes are 3-5 high quality links per page to rank higher.


Calling all affiliate marketers – I know it's tough to compete for keywords globally (or even locally in Singapore). Strategise your link building efforts by building the exact metrics and amount of links to rank your money pages.

SEO Agencies

SEO agencies in Singapore! Looking for a white label backlink audit solution? Here's an off-page SEO audit service that breaks down the numbers that your clients will be sure to love.

I've been doing SEO for over 5 years and I found the secret formula to getting the best results from link building at the lowest possible costs…

Dear business owners, SEO teams, and affiliate marketers,

I’m a lot like you – I’ve managed my own SEO agency and built my own affiliate websites – so I know how tough and expensive link building is.

I’ve tried many things, from building my own links through cold outreach to spending almost 6-figures buying guest posts and link insertions from link building agencies.

I know how hard, expensive, and tedious it is to manage your own email servers, pay for expensive cold email software, and spending too many hours building links on my own.

I also know how expensive it is to engage a link building agency to build links for me. Either you get low-quality links, websites you don’t want links from, or pay too much per link.

But then, I discovered something that changed the way I approached link building… 

I tried it out on a whim for all my key money pages (and for my clients too). What happened next was absolutely astounding and I wish I figured it out sooner…

All my important pages are ranking in the top 3 positions on Google based on this exact backlink audit.

Fast forward 6 months later, I’ve consistently ranked pages on the first page of Google using the exact same backlink audit, over and over again.

I’m now opening up this link audit solution for you for a limited time only, so that you too can get the same results I did.

This way, you

but you get to

Here Are 3 Good Reasons Why My Link Audit Service Is The Best Way to Solve Your Off-Page Audit Needs

Find Out Exactly How Many Links You Need

Building too many links puts you at risk of a penalty, while building too little links won't get you far. Based on the keyword and page you're trying to rank that keyword for, find out how many links you exactly need to rank in the first page.

Find The Metrics That Moves The Needle

Just like how quantity is important, quality matters too. And in link building, quality matters way more than quantity. If you need 20 links to rank, find out the metrics of each of those links needed, and then build them! Don't waste precious time and money building links that won't help.

Utilise Anchor Texts That Work Without Risk

If building too many links to a page will cause a penalty, having over-optimised anchor texts will fast track you to that penalty. Understand the anchor text ratios that'll skyrocket your rankings without triggering a penalty.

Here's the SEO Results That I've Achieved For Myself & My Clients

client B link building results international

With my client’s permission, here are the results that I helped obtain for his affiliate website that’s competing on a global scale. Being in a fairly competitive industry, he has to outrank international competitors with bigger budgets. 

With my link audit, he understood the exact number of links he needs to build, and the exact metrics of those links that’ll push his rankings up. 

With the anchor text analysis, he strategised his link building and allocated them to the best links built. 

He then started link building in July 2022 with only 50 to daily users. Building only 3 to 5 guest posts a month to his key money pages, his website now sees 200 to 250 daily visitors a year later – a 200% to 300% increase in traffic, all thanks to the link audit.

Here are the results from a client of mine based in Singapore. He’s in an extremely competitive industry (YMYL), competing against the biggest players in Singapore that are building minimally 20 to 30 links per month. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a big enough budget to build the same velocity of links as his competitors, but I proposed a tailored link building strategy for him based on my link audit. I asked him to identify pages that would bring him the highest ROI for his business in terms of traffic and profit. This is because when these pages rank, we can optimise the conversion to generate a large amount of sales.

Profit margins play a big part as compared to just measuring sales. More funds can be reinvested into link building by prioritising services with higher profit margins. 

Starting with only 2 to 3 links per month in February 2022 with 200 to 250 daily visitors, we gradually increased the link building budget and built an average of 10 links (guest posts and link insertions) monthly. 

He followed my recommendations on the link audit to a tee, building only the necessary amount of links with the right anchor texts.

Just 6 months later, his money pages are in the top 3 positions of Google, bringing in 1,000 to 1,500 daily visitors, a 400% to 500% increase in traffic.

What Others Say

Choose The Link Audit Package That Best Suits Your Needs

Prices are in USD.


$ 99
  • Keywords Analysed: 3
  • Anchor Text Analysis: Yes
  • Delivered in: 3 Working Days (Max)


$ 199
  • Keywords Analysed: 10
  • Anchor Text Analysis: Yes
  • Delivered in: 5 Working Days (Max)


$ 499
  • Keywords Analysed: 30
  • Anchor Text Analysis: Yes
  • Delivered in: 14 Working Days (Max)

Interested in Ranking Higher on Google?
Here's How It Works…

1. Submit A Request

Let us know which plan you’re interested in.

2. Let Us Know Your Keywords

Send us the keywords you want to rank for and the pages you want to rank those keywords for.

3. Make Payment

Make payment through Paypal or Stripe – the secure way of paying online.

4. Analyse Our Audit

Go through the audit to find out what you need to do in your link building to rank.

5. Start Link Building

Based on our audit, start building the necessary links you need to rank.

Order Your Link Audit Here

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we work with clients from all around the world. Feel free to reach out wherever you’re from.

Most websites charge in USD and most of my customers are international, transacting in USD. Thus, it’s easier to charge USD as I don’t have to factor in exchange rate risks when pricing it for you – saving you money in the long-run.

Unfortunately, no SEO worth their salt is able to guarantee you results as rankings are based on Google’s algorithm. There are also other factors to take note of such as

  • How authoritative your website is as compared to your competitors
  • Your page authority
  • Number of links your competitors have
  • Quality of links your competitors have
  • Anchor text used by you as compared to your competitors
  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Topical authority


As a start, it’s best to focus on on-page and technical SEO first before building links. You’ll also have to know how to pick high-quality links as metrics such as DR, traffic can be manipulated.

Just like how there are many factors that cause an increase in rank, there are many factors that may cause a decrease in rankings. Since you are choosing the links to be built to your website, I’m not responsible if you face a drop in rankings on Google. It’s best you learn how to select high-quality links before purchasing this service.

Yes of course, please contact me for a custom quote.

No, we do audits for English websites.

No, we only accept English anchor texts for audits.

I accept most niches, including business, finance, health, legal, and many more. 

Yes I can, please refer to my link building service page for more information.

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